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Maitreya - The God of Wealth and Abundance

The God of Wealth and Abundance - Maitreya (also known as Laughing Buddha). Good luck in business, helping you achieve goals simultaneously drawn.The Legend says that if you caress your belly deity 100 times, thinking about something good, your wishes will be fulfilled. Everywhere the monk appeares in people's lives comes happiness, abundance and prosperity.

Laughing Buddha, known as Hotey in Japan and Maitreya in Buddhism, was the symbol of happiness in Feng Shui. Its role is to remove problems, anxiety, stress, anger, tension and sadness. It also bears unearthly treasures, success and good health in the house and office. Its presence generates good chi that brings harmony and grace. Nowadays laughing Buddha is stable so popular that you can see it everywhere in the living room, hotels, churches and leading companies in Asia. When displayed, hotels usually carries a large gold Chinese bullion, gold vessels, back bag filled with gifts and resources. Can occur with virtually any items containing certain symbolism. His face is oval with a big smile, a symbol of happiness and fulfillment. His image is to drive its owner is always smiling.

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